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Featuring the same amazing learning opportunities as Strobel Ed's dynamic live workshops, these education courses are designed to work with the demanding schedule of today's teacher. Each course is broken into "modules" to provide a convenient and customized experience for each participant.

Genius Hour

Incorporating Passion, Play, Purpose & Creativity

Genius Hour is all about empowering students. In the program, students have:

  • Freedom to explore their own interests.
  • Opportunity to indulge in previously unexplored creativity.
  • Ability to unlock achievement that’s been stifled by “traditional” learning practices.

This online education course, featuring the same amazing content as Strobel Education’s dynamic live workshop, invites teachers from all grade levels to learn about this innovative concept based on a popular Google practice.

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Growth Mindset

Boosting Motivation and

This workshop will help teachers implement a growth mindset curriculum, which has been proven to lead to greater motivation levels and higher achievement for students, in their classrooms.

Through experiential and interactive activities, you’ll learn strategies to increase your own growth mindset as an educator, as well as how to develop and integrate the growth mindset philosophy in the classroom.

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Standards-Based Grading

Incorporating & Implementing a Meaningful Grading System

In this workshop, you’ll learn what makes a meaningful grade, methods for evolving your current classroom practice and curriculum to include regular assessments, and how standards-based grading and assessment lead to a more accurate measurement of student achievement.

  • Investigate ways to determine meaningful grades
  • Build professional knowledge of standards-based grading and assessing
  • Explore concrete steps for implementing standards-based grading
  • Learn the importance of foundational work to include priority standards, proficiency scales, and quality assessments

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Trauma-Informed Schools

Reaching & Teaching Challenging Students

Students entering the classroom with emotional, behavioral, or mental health issues are often at a disadvantage and struggle to keep up with the demands of traditional learning. Brains affected by trauma require a different kind of instruction—and a special kind of care.

  • Learn how to unlock the potential that exists within every student
  • Develop an instructional approach that recognizes and works past behaviors that can limit learning and achievement.

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