Did You Know? A Positive Brain is 31% More Productive…

A positive brain is 31% more productive than a brain at negative, neutral, or stressed. And it is for this very reason that I travel the country giving keynotes on happiness and wellbeing to schools, conferences, and colleges.

As a former-educator-turned-happiness-coach, I know the feelings of overwhelming exhaustion, stress, and anxiety that both teachers and students endure. When I was a young college student, I endured severe panic attacks which kept me isolated and immobile. Plus, they made me feel really bad about myself. My emotional and mental well-being suffered greatly and I felt more alone during this time than ever before. 

Teachers want to be the best for their students—to help them be successful and productive members of our world. They want to connect with students and help them overcome negative emotions and experiences. 

But, professors also need to know how to keep their sanity and find their joy within and beyond their profession. When educators have a positive mindset, feel motivated, and surround themselves with joy, they can better tend to the demands of their career and their students.   

I’m working to give educators and students the tools they need to take care of themselves. My keynotes create space for authentic conversations to help students remove the stigma around their mental health and well-being as well as get their brains back to positive so they can flourish despite the current circumstances.

Yes, COVID-19 and the Black Lives Matter movement are changing our world and education forever. Despite the chaos and much-needed change around us, we still need to pursue our vision for our schools and for our students. Keep the momentum going, even though you’ve had to pivot. And perhaps among all of the suffering and tragedies happening, we finally have a reason to take back our lives in a healthy and positive way. 

Let’s support and lift one another up. Let’s give our teachers the important help and guidance they need right now. Book a live or virtual keynote to inspire, motivate, and refresh your educators. 

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